Your Land

Developing Your Property

Found the land on which you want to build? Congratulations! Atkinson Homes can be ideal for installing on undeveloped land. There are many practical factors to be considered to ensure the timeliness of the delivery process, the utilities hook up, and any site improvements. There are also necessary precautions to take which will provide long-term home durability.

  • Zoning – Are there any regulations that would prevent siting your home? A title search will probably reveal any such restrictions.
  • Access – Is there adequate access to the site for delivery of your home?
  • Utilities – Is there access to utilities such as electricity, gas or alternate fuel, water, sewer or septic tank?
  • Permits – What is required in your community? More than one permit may be required for site improvement and the installation of your home.

The next step is to work with Atkinson Homes to plan the complete project.