When Lenders Compete


  • Did you know Lenders that loan you money all have different finance programs when you are shopping for a new manufactured home?
  • Did you know that not all manufactured home dealerships have every Lender that specializes in manufactured home financing?
  • Did you know you have a higher chance in getting a loan through a manufactured home dealership that has more than one or two Lenders?
  • Did you know you will pay higher interest rates if your credit score is superb and a manufactured home dealership has only one or two Lenders they do business with?
  • Did you know Atkinson Homes, Inc. is set up with every Independent Lender in the State of Alabama that specializes in new and used manufactured home financing?
  • Did you know that Atkinson Homes, Inc. fights for your approval and interest rate when it comes to getting you the best financing available?
  • Did you know that we help more customers get their financing needs met than any other manufactured home dealership in Alabama?
  • Did you know Atkinson Homes has the highest approval rate for manufactured home loans in the State? Why? Because we understand the financing.